The American spirit is a Bold Energetic spirit!

I have always approached my life and work in that American way. Americans are a people composed of rich cultural diversity recast into a unique amalgam--- much like the metals I use in my jewelry. Mixtures of different metals form alloys such as sterling silver or karat golds, and all are stronger and better when properly mixed!

My designs also are mixes of diverse design elements both ancient and contemporary, given innovative treatment and interpretation. I like to think they are modern, yet timeless. I approach the jewelry medium as Art, and I build on the foundations of my predecessors, (as all artists do). Pursuit of Expression through the mysterious Beauty of precious metal and stone is my guide. To craft a thing of lasting appeal and value that can be comfortably worn and cherished is my goal in jewelry making.

In my American way, I act independently in the creation of these pieces, relying on my own vision and experience, innovation, and pioneering enthusiasm, often entering unfamiliar territory seeking to create something new, meaningful, and wondrous! The work always possesses heritage, but Ultimately, I attempt to create something that has not existed before in like form.

I derive pleasure from carrying forward traditions of work like Paul Revere! Americans have always performed in this manner to create and realize their dreams! Permission is not needed, only vision and desire! With desire anything is possible if one perseveres! This is how America was built and this is the spirit in which Magnus jewelry is made!