Inspired by diamond plate textured steel, made with sterling silver.

I figured the new cowboy...the urban cowboy...the HipHop cowboy...the funky cowboy...needed something different. Maybe something to go with the pickup, or the semi haulin' across the plains...the plains of America. Maybe it's not for just cowboys, this is truly an American Design. It's tough, it's thick solid sterling silver fabrication... Made for a lifetime of wear, even under the most brutal conditions. I have personally tested this design in the bars and restaurants of Santa Fe. It works! Douglas Magnus
  • All American!
  • Designed, hand formed/cast in Santa Fe.
  • Resists spilled beer.
  • Deflects stray bullets.
  • Attractive to the opposite and/or same sex.
  • Unique, rock or hip-hop style.
  • Dog Tags can be customized on backside with name, tour of duty information, etc.
  • Larger buckles can be used as a hammer in an emergency.