Inspired by the stars, made with Argentium sterling silver.

The "Constellations Collections" features the highest quality materials available, using proprietary manufacturing technology which is the result of 35+ years of jewelry making for Douglas. Some bracelets features the unique "curled edge", which is a cutting edge design and results in all-day, all-night comfort.

I make these bracelets and other Constellations pieces using the highest quality Argentium sterling silver, which is higher silver content than regular sterling silver (.96 vs .925). This results in a brighter silver with less tarnish and more user satisfaction. The turquoise stones are hand picked by me using only the highest quality available. Douglas Magnus

The turquoise stones used for the "Constellations Collections" are unique, one-of-a-kind, high quality and hand picked by Douglas. 

  • Argentium Sterling Silver
  • Highest quality stones
  • Some bracelets feature the curved edge for comfort