• New Magnus Designs Custom Bolo Design for Brian Egolf, speaker of the NM House of Representatives and a fleur di lys pendant, honoring the New Orleans style.
  • Beautiful designs from Douglas Magnus A stunning array of jewelry designs, featuring pieces from the Constellation Collection, and some Cerrillos Turquoise items. View Constellations
  • 18kt Rings with Cerrillos Turquoise

    Cerrillos Turquoise

    Douglas Magnus owns the Cerrillos Turquoise Mine near Santa Fe, which is no longer producing some of the most beautiful turquoise in the world. These are small cabs from the mine and are very rare.
    Cerrillos Turquoise
  • Necklaces, Pendants Earrings The Amor Collection features high quality pieces with the premise "Amor". Amor Collection
The Douglas Magnus Collections